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Home Ev Car Charger Installation Los Angeles

Home Ev Car Charger Installation Los Angeles

Call Gomez Electric for Home EV Car Charger Installation in Los Angeles

With climate change and the trend of going green increasing each day, many car buyers are choosing electric cars over traditional combustion engines. However, while the idea of an electric car may be appealing to some, many purchasers of these hybrid vehicles don't understand all that goes into electric car charging. Thankfully, Gomez Electric is available 24/7 to assist electric car owners with home EV car charger installation in Los Angeles.

Gomez Electric Understands Electric Car Charging

EV chargers aren't like cell phone chargers. It is important to trust a qualified electrician for home EV car charger installation in Los Angeles. You need a unique electrical outlet installed for your EV car charger. Further, your electrical panel will likely need to be upgraded to handle the overload your electric car will place on it. Your electrical panel will also need a new dedicated circuit. Without these upgrades, you will not be able to charge your electric car at home. In that case, you would need to find an electric charging station to charge your vehicle.

Level 1 Charging

With EV car charging, there are two levels of charging. Level one charging is the simplest and easiest level of charging. All you need for level one charging is a custom extension cord that you can plug into any ordinary household electrical outlet. However, you still should seek out a professional. Gomez Electric can upgrade your panel to accommodate your new car charging needs and make sure that no other household appliances are using the same electrical circuit.

Level one charging is simple but slow. It takes as much as twenty hours to charge your electric car via level one charging. Therefore, it is advisable that you use level two charging instead of level one charging.

Level 2 Charging

If fast charging is a priority for you, you will want to use level two charging. Gomez Electric offers home EV car charger installation in Los Angeles for level two electric car charging. Level two requires a much higher voltage for charging and needs a special electrical outlet and designated circuit. Level two chargers are much more convenient than level one chargers and are ideal for electric car owners who are always on the go. With a level two charger, you'll be able to charge your car during a nap or while sleeping at night.

EV Car Charging Backup Plan

If you don't have the right charger, contact Gomez Electric for home EV car charger installation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It is good if you have a car charging backup plan in case of a power outage or other unexpected event. It might be practical for you to have a current map of local charging stations at all times. Further, Los Angeles offers rebates for electric car chargers. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these.

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Contact Gomez Electric today to get your home EV car installation in Los Angeles County. We're here to answer questions or help with your installation 24/7.

Home Ev Car Charger Installation Los Angeles
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Home Ev Car Charger Installation Los Angeles

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