Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Service

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair is one of our specialties. Satisfying your customers helps your business grow, and we at Gomez Electric want to help you succeed, so don’t let the potential loss of your commercial refrigerator threaten that goal.

Our technicians know exactly how to fix any problem your refrigeration system may have and are available NOW.

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Service

We service all Commercial & Residential Refrigeration Equipment in L.A.

Retail businesses that have several refrigeration units for various products should have a professional inspect their refrigeration systems every three months to reduce the risk of needing any emergency repairs for their units. Gomez Electric knows how important it is to help businesses keep their products fresh.

We offer Emergency Service Refrigeration Repair so we're available at all times. Don’t run the risk of losing any sensitive food products due to any system failures. Contact Gomez Electric at 888-759-9737. Our services in retail refrigeration in the entire state of California are the best you'll find.

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