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Tesla Home EV Charger Installation Los Angeles

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As the number of electric vehicles, particularly Tesla cars is increasing nowadays, which are cheap and simple, so is the need of their charging stations. Many people think that EV charging stations are only for outdoor locations, but you can install an EV charging station in your own home. A standard EV charging station in Los Angeles is very affordable and our team at Gomez Builders & Contractors can install one for a cost-effective price in Los Angeles. As an owner, you should consider contacting a professional to install a personal EV charging station at your home for quick and easy access. Gomez provides a wide range of Tesla home EV charger in Los Angeles from leading brands across California. The price for installing an EV charger at home typically depends on the fees of required paperwork based on permit, application and handling charges, garage modifications, etc. Specifically, Tesla's X and S series models provide electrical adapters so that you can charge your car at home. But for faster charging’s at 208-240-volt power supplies, owners can purchase and install Tesla wall connector. But installing a connector can be dangerous and needs to be done by a trained professional. Our team at Gomez also does the job of Home EV charger installation in Los Angeles. You can rely on us and get an EV charger installed at your home in Los Angeles without any difficulty.

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