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Keeping your home up to code is important to ensure it remains a safe place to live.


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Los Angeles House Rewiring Costs

We’ll give your home a safety inspection

Was your house built before 1980? If so, your electrical system is out of date.
Homes that are over 30 years weren’t wired to handle modern day demands.

At Gomez Builders & Contractors, upgrading the electrical systems in older homes is a common service call we receive. If you’re building a new home or any other construction,our Los Angeles house rewire electricians can handle the entire electrical system.

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Rewiring a House in Los Angeles

Complete House Rewiring

  • Whole House Rewiring
  • Residential Electrical Rewiring
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Commercial Electrical Rewiring
  • Circuit Tracing Service
  • Aluminum Wire Removal
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Our Los Angeles house rewire electricians will remove all old wiring and replace it to meet all National Electrical Code (NEC) specifications. We will evaluate the condition and capacity of your electrical panel service to determine if it will need to be upgraded or replaced to accomplish your rewiring successfully.

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